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Testing repo for personal KDE and LXQt, MX Linux snapshots (respins).

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Released at 2019-06-08 07:41
MX-KDE 19.6 (5 files Hide)

Release Notes

Unofficial KDE MX Linux respin based on MX Linux

This is pretty much MX-18.x with Xfce apps removed and KDE apps installed and snapshotted with MX Snapshot


- regular updates from MX pool

- updated to kernel (patched for security threats)

- updated from Test: featherpad, qbittorrent, qlipper, qpdfview, simple-scan, smartmontools

- replaced galternatives -> kalternatives

- replaced pinentry-gnome/gtk2 -> pinentry-qt

- replaced adobe-flash-proprieties-gtk3-> adobe-flash-proprieties-kde

- installed print-manager, isomounter

- cleared xfce items from /etc/skel

- removed config files for removed apps