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amb: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r213 2021-11-07 22:01:26 mateuszviste

fixed STOSB/STOSW descriptions: they update DI, not SI

r212 2021-09-06 20:42:51 mateuszviste

implemented laquo and raquo

r211 2021-01-22 18:51:10 mateuszviste

fdhelp.amb is named fdhelpen.amb now

r210 2021-01-20 19:13:58 mateuszviste

es support

r209 2021-01-20 19:13:48 mateuszviste

handling lots of new characters

r208 2021-01-20 18:19:52 mateuszviste

closing A tags are only processed if an opening A was handled before

r207 2021-01-20 18:05:12 mateuszviste

copyright symbold is converted as (C) since not all codepages have it

r206 2021-01-20 17:55:07 mateuszviste

closed A tags insert an explicit text tag

r205 2021-01-20 17:54:44 mateuszviste

fixed path to ambpack

r204 2020-12-26 17:50:37 mateuszviste

added low-level notes about DOS memory management

r203 2020-12-24 00:41:13 mateuszviste

todo update

r202 2020-12-24 00:40:31 mateuszviste

wording improvements

r201 2020-12-24 00:33:54 mateuszviste

windows version is built statically to avoid having to distribute libncurses and libgcc

r200 2020-12-23 23:45:51 mateuszviste

added link to windows version of AMB

r199 2020-12-23 23:15:49 mateuszviste

freezed version 20201223 to tags

r198 2020-12-23 23:15:05 mateuszviste

bumped version

r197 2020-12-23 23:11:33 mateuszviste

tab scrolls down the screen by one additional line when jumping to next link so user can see some extra context

r196 2020-12-23 22:58:39 mateuszviste

optimized memory usage (using a static buffer instead of malloc, unless it is DOS and AMB contains "big" articles)

r195 2020-12-23 21:45:11 mateuszviste

optimized display when screen does not need to be scrolled + much faster next-link-lookup (tab)

r194 2020-12-23 19:17:12 mateuszviste

reverted DOS version to COM and optimized screen refresh activities

r193 2020-12-23 02:08:59 mateuszviste

DOS version built as EXE for smaller memory footprint

r192 2020-12-22 23:48:04 mateuszviste

optimized drawing of bottom (non-content) lines

r191 2020-12-22 23:38:40 mateuszviste

documentation improvement

r190 2020-12-22 22:58:03 mateuszviste

mingw makefile added

r189 2020-12-22 22:54:40 mateuszviste

libs are passed through LDLIBS instead of LDFLAGS

r188 2020-12-22 22:49:53 mateuszviste

switched to C89 (instead of gnu89)

r187 2020-12-22 22:49:04 mateuszviste

ptui upgrade

r186 2020-12-22 22:43:35 mateuszviste

using the "light" vertical line on unicode displays as it appears to be more common than the "heavy" one (heavy is missing in win xp default console font)

r185 2020-12-22 15:44:23 mateuszviste

moved converters to samples

r184 2020-12-22 15:43:28 mateuszviste

page is not reloaded when quit action is aborted

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