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2018-05-15 19:00
Git: 156ca6dff9e18082062c
2018-05-15 18:05
Git: 76b8e2cb17cafbf4dedd
2018-05-15 11:19
Git: e2859444f9c8afacaa08
2018-05-11 19:49
Git: a8429235ccba87adcf02
2018-05-11 19:49
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2018-05-06 10:28
Description:Trying to encrypt the tablet using the settings menu crashes Android and causes it to restart. Steps to r...
2018-01-18 22:36
Hello, i've got a tablet and i would like to use android on this. It has a N3450 intel chipset. Booting android-x86 ...
2017-10-11 22:42 Hi, After the release of nougat 7.1-rc2,is there any way t...
2017-10-09 15:53
We are facing compilation problem in external/mesa directory,after latest code change of 3 oct 17. Also,there are ...
2017-10-06 21:14
Hi, In the latest code I see that mesa directory has been replaced with new one and it resulted in new git. So becau...

Project Reviews

2018-02-12 15:39

no zobaczymy czy czeg5oś nie popierniczy w win 10

2018-02-07 05:30

👎👎Android-x86 7.1-r1 2018 not xposed 👎👎Android-x86 7.1-rc2 not xposed

2018-02-05 03:44

My ver is 1.2.5 and i really want mods in my worlds! Pls make it so i can

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