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a new hope for good windows 7 machines since the deprication (2020-01-22 20:06 by inertman #84192)

at present, i'm sitting on 8 laptops, 3 netbooks, 2 mobile pcs, 1 server, 1 all in one touch and 3 desktops, many of which (except the desktops) will be of little use now that windows 7 has reached eos, unless i can find people who will be willing to learn linux, which in my experience (moslty older folks and other luddites) is few and far between for home use. however, these android x86 developments mean that several of these don't have to be relegated to linux or locked down win7 but may have a nice function as a home android unit. so far, the all in one and 1 laptop are showing the most success, and i'm only attempting very basic tests; does the touch screen work well, does it actually get on the internet, does it's cam work, which apps that i use on my tablet & phone(s) work, etc. for instance; amazon alexa works in 7.1 on the all-in-one but amazon kindle does not, syfy via xfinity does while xfinity itself does not, and neither opera touch nor edge for android work either where all of them work on my samsung a6 tablet and galaxy s6. since i'm not a developer, i dont know how much my input is welcome or desired, so i'd start with that, and follow up with i am willing to try much which many dont have time to try. at present, i am putting basic info in exel, machines vs versions, partially because at least 2 of these devices i really want to find a use for myself, the all-in-one w/ touch, and an old asus eeepc, i was so excited to see 2 version specifically for that! i began w/ 6.0 and several of the laptops wouldnt seem to even begin, or rebooted several times that after about an hour of that, i decided they wouldnt work. may have to rethink that based on my experiences w/ a few others. however, some would boot, but the wifi wasnt compatible, or some other issue. none the less, i am persevering and at least hope to rehome some of these devices w/ this possibility on/for them, as i'm also testing emulators in windows, which kind of defeats the purpose of a small footprint of android, imho. anyway, if i'm out of line as a user/tester, feel free to kick me off. otherwise, i'd like to help even if it's mostly for my own curiosity but am perfectly wiling to entertain testing requests if possible.