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dalvik: List of Branches


Name Rev. Time Author
kitkat-x86 5920426 2014-08-27 19:35:20 Chih-Wei Huang

Android 4.4.4 Release 2 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) iEYEABECAAYFAlO7IZkACgkQ6K0/gZqxDnhbUgCfTBJsCQoxJ8rfiliXACQUDy...

jb-x86 0de562c 2013-12-17 02:07:32 llin4

dalvik: return positive hash code in Dalvik with Houdini BZ: 29547 port from OTC Make x86 version of Dalvi...

ics-x86 068e1b0 2012-12-09 22:46:22 Chih-Wei Huang

Update houdini support The patch requires new houdini for ICS. Modified from JB patches of Daniel Fages <>.

honeycomb-x86 6bc44b1 2011-11-06 02:26:28 Chih-Wei Huang

Merge branch 'aosp/honeycomb-LTE-release' into honeycomb-mr2-x86

froyo-x86 e831bf4 2011-06-26 15:35:28 Chih-Wei Huang

Merge remote-tracking branch 'korg/froyo' into froyo-x86

eclair-x86 275acdf 2010-03-03 16:58:39 Elliott Hughes

Copy Froyo's version of MulticastSocketTest to Eclair for CTS. Partners are seeing test failures from the old tests, which were very bogus.

donut-x86 87b08d1 2009-11-24 02:18:40 Jean-Baptiste Queru

merge from donut

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