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external-minigbm: List of commits


Rev. Time Author
8f1e324 r-x86 2020-12-29 21:58:57 Mauro Rossi

generic_dri: don't advertise BGR24 as a render/texture target

Inspired by AOSP commit 71bc665179f9 ("minigbm: don't advertise BGR24 as a render/texture target")

Change-Id: Ieea7931195552f4c2d61f210a3f06060fce15d26

82d4e88 2020-12-29 21:54:30 Mauro Rossi

Android.bp: fix mesa include path

To avoid the following building errors:

FAILED: out/soong/
out/soong/.bootstrap/bin/soong_build -t -l out/.module_paths/Android.bp.list -b out/soong -n out -d out/soong/ -globFile out/soon
g/.bootstrap/ -o out/soong/ Android.bp
error: external/minigbm/Android.bp:120:1: module "gralloc.minigbm_intel" variant "android_x86_64_shared": source path "external/mesa3d/include
" does not exist
error: external/minigbm/Android.bp:104:1: module "libminigbm_cros_gralloc" variant "android_x86_64_static": source path "external/mesa3d/inclu
de" does not exist
error: external/minigbm/Android.bp:137:1: module "gralloc.minigbm_meson" variant "android_x86_64_shared": source path "external/mesa3d/include
" does not exist
error: external/minigbm/Android.bp:113:1: module "gralloc.minigbm" variant "android_x86_64_shared": source path "external/mesa3d/include" does
not exist

Change-Id: I49e858d09ea242dcc5c4d70dcf1aa6143e5ab0e6

916c334 2020-12-29 21:54:30 Mauro Rossi

gralloc0_register_buffer: initialize gralloc0 when needed

Based on Michael Goffioul "Always initialize gralloc0 module"
considerign that !mod->initialized defines the condition when it's needed.

Original commit message:
Both mapper and allocator HIDL adapter uses the same gralloc module, but
the mapper HILD does not fully initialize the module, leaving the
allocator HIDL in limbo if the mapper HIDL is called first.

Fixes SystemUI crash on startup.

5e46fdd 2020-12-29 21:54:30 Mauro Rossi

Revert "Modify gralloc0 implementation"

This reverts commit 8894cf7256f1d17344fd1e0b5bb849e719afe11e.

89d009f 2020-12-29 21:54:30 lambdadroid

Android-x86: Implement some perform functionality from drm_gralloc (v2)


(v2) git rm due to aosp master branch minigbm implementation

3ddf55c 2020-12-29 21:54:30 Mauro Rossi

cros_gralloc_driver: init_master: set try_generic argument to true

Fixes the following building error:

external/minigbm/cros_gralloc/ error: no matching function for call to 'drv_create'
drv_ = drv_create(fd);
external/minigbm/drv.h:122:16: note: candidate function not viable: requires 2 arguments, but 1 was provided
struct driver *drv_create(int fd, bool try_generic);
1 error generated.

Change-Id: I82555ecfd96d7e6ab5423a0640c410118ee77c4f

af6e5af 2020-12-29 21:54:30 Mauro Rossi

Add framebuffer HAL implementation based on drm_framebuffer (v4)

(v1) original lambdadroid implementation

(v2) changes in drv.h due to following commits:
48b4c08 ("minigbm: fix flags to align with GBM")
6e6dc49 ("minigbm: virtio: restrict formats supported without 3D")

(v3) changes in drv.h due to aosp master branch minigbm implementation

NOTE: #define BO_USE_FRAMEBUFFER (1ull << 19) as the fist available bit

(v4) changes due to aosp updates in cros_gralloc_handle.h, drv.h, drv_priv.h

Change-Id: I1e1192a25ba1105c0230eb63ea50d31115afb6f2

fe6d747 2020-12-29 19:43:44 Roman Stratiienko

Revert "WIP: Pinephone optimization experements"

This reverts commit 4b3de7042c073970a1229b537eda6a64f3088286.

63ca0a5 2020-12-29 19:43:44 Roman Stratiienko

WIP: Pinephone optimization experements

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>

7afc315 2020-12-29 19:43:44 Roman Stratiienko

minigbm: Add dri_generic driver to Android.bp

Depends on mainline mesa3d with

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: Ic54d3444cdb2a6b536e9faca63ef21e5c592545d

4749322 2020-12-29 19:43:37 Roman Stratiienko


This reverts commit 662a9fd2acd72fd73e72110924ea9f350429195d.

662a9fd 2020-12-29 19:36:43 Roman Stratiienko


Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: Id024d7b0296ef39755bba39ac0fbb41fba1e7520

9990eae 2020-12-29 19:36:43 Roman Stratiienko

gralloc4: add manifest fragment

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: I0c84a7fc3d75a836ab061ca24769a997cbafe844

0a8dd50 2020-12-29 19:36:43 Roman Stratiienko

gralloc4: Add DRM_FORMAT_ARGB4444 format layout

Slow mobile GPUs performance can be boosted in exchange
of reducing image quality by resolving DRM_FORMAT_ARGB8888 to

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: Iae155bfdaf21fff98f34635cc24165f365c62afc

5cb3348 2020-12-29 19:36:43 Roman Stratiienko

Add DRI-based generic backend

mesa3d project support graphic buffer allocation via DRI API for
various set of hardware, including systems with splitted GPU
and Display controller.

Use it as fallback backend in case no other backends were found in
the supported list.

Tested with Android on sun4i-drm and lima GPU (Pinephone).

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: I9d6ed0bdf3ef255c3c4f9be5385a7b87b571a232

80ab273 2020-12-16 21:53:30 Roman Stratiienko


Fixes video playback when gralloc0 and software video decoder are used.

Signed-off-by: Roman Stratiienko <>
Change-Id: I676060021806186bb3c23928d0d54af4add5120a

50c477c 2020-12-12 07:51:03 Treehugger Robot

Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into 'aosp/master'"

1df2ac5 2020-12-12 03:50:03 Jason Macnak

Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master' into 'aosp/master'

... to update minigbm for Cuttlefish to pull in to fix multi layer tests in

Bug: b/168577830
Bug: b/172409958
Test: cts -m CtsNativeHardwareTestCases
Change-Id: I1df040a15d2034ad469442a92eee4d0710f193af

cea0b84 2020-12-12 03:12:07 François-Denis Gonthier

Add vkms support

The vkms driver is used to get the Android to work on the BeagleBone
Black. Only a minimum amount of support is needed but the driver can
only be recognized by looking at card DRM nodes. The vkms driver does
not publish a render node.

We refactored the cros_gralloc_driver::init to test both the render
nodes and the card nodes.

Change-Id: Ie750aa45fc359ba7917919904693b1ab8088ad16
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Commit-Queue: Gurchetan Singh <>

07f6209 2020-12-12 02:43:50 Jason Macnak

cros_gralloc: Report layerCount > 1 as unsupported

... to handle AHardwareBufferNativeTests#MultipleLayers_*

TEST=cts -m CtsNativeHardwareTestCases
Change-Id: I40a55d05011a94057d877e228b4b3587dfc48fcb
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Jason Macnak <>
Commit-Queue: Jason Macnak <>

8e9c241 2020-12-11 08:33:02 Kristian H. Kristensen

i915: Fall back to GEM_MMAP_GTT if GEM_MMAP fails

DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP mmaps the underlying shm file and returns a
user space address directly, ie, doesn't go through mmap. If we try
that on a dma-buf that doesn't have a shm file, i915.ko returns ENXIO.
Fall through to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT in that case, which will
mmap on the drm fd instead.

TEST=dmabuf_test from drm-tests passes

Change-Id: I41cd0b0150d2d489bd055e23f4495cd13624b831
Tested-by: Kristian H. Kristensen <>
Tested-by: Ilja H. Friedel <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Reviewed-by: Ilja H. Friedel <>
Commit-Queue: Ilja H. Friedel <>

dba1987 2020-12-09 03:37:14 Jeffrey Kardatzke

minigbm: Add SCANOUT and PROTECTED for P010 buffers

TEST=P010 buffers scanout to overlay on TGL

Change-Id: Ib06508a38c8c86b40d3e6082a79051594252697d
Tested-by: J Kardatzke <>
Tested-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Commit-Queue: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>

28cf2f1 2020-12-05 05:12:34 Pilar Molina Lopez

minigbm: add buffer bandwidth compression flag to gbm device

Read MINIGBM_DEBUG env var when creating a gbm driver
Store value as a flag inside driver
Avoid allocating compressed buffers in the backends
when the flag disables compression


Change-Id: Idbd6f0aebc1782c1bf5921a6438310a87212d1f8
Tested-by: Pilar Molina Lopez <>
Commit-Queue: Pilar Molina Lopez <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Reviewed-by: Kristian H. Kristensen <>

7278758 2020-12-03 01:20:56 Rob Clark

minigbm/msm: Double pitch alignment for YUV

Something somewhere is assuming the UV pitch can be half of the Y pitch,
leading to failures with

To componsate, double the pitch alignment requirement for YUV formats.

BUG=b:159504968, b:165333514

Change-Id: I0118d813576654c72ed55500d741cf07a1977b20
Commit-Queue: Rob Clark <>
Commit-Queue: Kristian H. Kristensen <>
Tested-by: Rob Clark <>
Auto-Submit: Rob Clark <>
Reviewed-by: Kristian H. Kristensen <>
Reviewed-by: Alexandre Courbot <>

1c6e70a 2020-11-26 16:40:33 Dominik Behr

minigbm: add option to force 256 byte alignment of linear buffers

TEST=run glxgears crostini on mushu

Change-Id: I0a5934e3676a70dd0bdb5f53701114fb0c19f016
Reviewed-by: David Riley <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Dominik Behr <>
Auto-Submit: Dominik Behr <>
Commit-Queue: Dominik Behr <>

f98d1c1 2020-11-26 07:35:16 Gurchetan Singh

minigbm: i915: use protected content feature

This enables protected content playback on gen 12 and greater

TEST=Protected playback works w/ associated Chrome OS changes

Change-Id: I829dddf506b3b765e5d2f25f2b77af9ecc4f7309
Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Commit-Queue: Gurchetan Singh <>

f2bc399 2020-11-26 07:35:16 Gurchetan Singh

minigbm: i915: use experimental uapi

New proposed i915 features for testing purposes.

TEST=Protected playback works w/ associated Chrome OS changes

Change-Id: I67bb178794d827c85667bff2fb4500c69fe0a4e3
Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Commit-Queue: Gurchetan Singh <>

13b0012 2020-11-26 07:35:14 Gurchetan Singh

minigbm: i915: use local i915 drm header

Taken from libdrm. Mainly so we can have local header for
development purposes.

TEST=Protected playback works w/ associated Chrome OS changes

Change-Id: I947ab11d5fbc0c2b62dbaf8806e7897d2df79621
Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Reviewed-by: Gurchetan Singh <>
Tested-by: Jeffrey Kardatzke <>
Commit-Queue: Gurchetan Singh <>

caeb478 2020-11-24 04:30:22 Xin Li

Mark ab/6881855 as merged

Bug: 172690556
Change-Id: I9e275a8e5755c83362df41a5c57556cfbbb5fda8

45bc2da 2020-11-17 06:13:33 Jason Macnak

Updates libgbm to use libdrm_headers am: 459cfe1128

Original change:

Change-Id: Ia337326c17dcad3d6da49c959c63a539fedc842f

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