How to use AngelReader

How to use?
1.  Wait until the install is finished.
2.  Go to your Desktop (or to the Windows Start Menu)
     and find the AngelReader shortcut icon and click it.
3.  Wait for seconds for the program to open.
4.  After the program opens, you have the options to
    choose between reading or hearing a chosen book.
5.  There are two menus to choose from:
6.  The default for the E-BOOKS MENU is
     the King James Version of the Bible. Click 'E-book Infos'
     button to read the book description or click the button
     'CLICK TO LOAD E-BOOK' to go directly to
    the text.
7. If you want to read another title, just click the
    dropdown e-book menu and click the title you want.
8. IMPORTANT:  The AngelReader program is designed
    in such a way that the 'E-book Infos' must usually be
    clicked first to prioritize the reading of the e-book description
    and it is only then that 'CLICK TO LOAD E-BOOK' becomes
    active to access the text itself.
9. On the other hand, the default for the AUDIO-BOOKS MENU is
    James Allen's Above Life's Turmoil.
10.  Click the button 'CLICK TO LOAD AUDIO-BOOK'
       if you want to listen to the audio-book.
11.  The button 'STOP' obviously stops the current
       audiobook that is playing, while 'PAUSE' pauses it
       indefinitely until you press the 'RESUME' button
       to continue what you have been listening to.

Please read the README.txt file for other details.
Thank you.