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APES is a simulation suite for highly resolved physical simulations (mainly fluid dynamics) on massively parallel computing systems. It is based on octree meshes and their partitioning with a space-filling curve for distributed execution with the Message Passing Interface (MPI).

The suite covers all necessary tools from mesh generation (seeder) to post-processing (harvesting) and includes a Discontinuous Galerkin (ateles) and a Lattice-Boltzmann (musubi) solver within in this infrastructure. APES is available as open-source but there are various open-source licenses involved for different parts of the code. A large fraction is released under the terms of the ISC license.

The APES solvers have shown good scalability on hundreds of thousands of cores and runs on a wide range of different architectures from IBMs BlueGene to NEC SX vector systems.

The core library treelm is released under the two-clause BSD-license. The Aotus library, which is used for the user interface of the tools in the APES suite is released under the terms of the MIT license, and third party code included for convenience includes: GPL for coco, which is small program used for preprocessing the Fortran source code, BSD for waf that is used as a build tool, a modified BSD for extractions of LAPACK code, a custom license by Reiji Suda for FXTPACK, which states the following:

Anyone can use FXTPACK in any software, and anyone can modify the source files.

When you publish your software that uses FXTPACK or its modification, please mention that FXTPACK developed by Reiji Suda is used, in the documentation.

When you publish your paper of your research that uses FXTPACK, please refer the paper [R. Suda, M. Takami, "A Fast Spherical Harmonics

Transform Algorithm", Math. Comp., 71-238, Apr. 2002, pp.703--715]

(and [R. SUda, "Fast Spherical Harmonic Transform Algorithm based on· Generalized Fast Multiple Method", RIMS Kokyuroku vol 1606, pp. 18-29, Jun. 2008, RIMS, Kyoto University]).

FXTPACK is only used as an optional feature in polynomial handling for the discontinuous Galerkin solver, another alternative is offered by the FFTW, but that library is not included in the source distribution.

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