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Adaptive Tree based Efficient and Lithe Equation Solver | DG solver of APES

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(Adaptive Tree based Efficient and Lithe Equation Solver)

Ateles implements a high-order modal/nodal discontinuous Galerkin solver within the APES suite. It is working on a linearized octree and uses efficient data structures for large scale parallel computations. Cubical elements allow for efficient numerical schemes, while geometries can be represented with a penalization method within the elements.


The documentation is generated with FORD, and available online. You can also generate the documentation with waf gendoxy, configuration of FORD is detailed in mainpage.md.

How to compile

Ateles uses waf to organize the compilation process.

You will need to have an MPI wrapper for your Fortran compiler and have the environment variable FC set to it. Usually this is:

export FC=mpif90

The compilation can then be configured for your system by

./waf configure

and the executable can then be built with

./waf build

Please use the --help option to get more details on the available parameters for the compilation.

How to run

Ateles, like the other tools in the APES suite, uses Lua scripts for the configuration. A sample configuration is available in ateles.lua. Run ateles by providing it as sole argument the configuration file to use. If you do not provide any argument, the solver will attempt to use the file ateles.lua in the current directory and fails if it is not present.


Ateles is freely available under the terms of the ISC License. Please see the COPYRIGHT file for more details.

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