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aria2 は、ファイルを高速にダウンロードできる軽量なユーティリティです。 コマンドラインインターフェースなので、wget や curl によく似ていますが、BitTorrent もサポートしています。HTTP(S)/FTP/ BitTorrent (DHT, PEX, MSE/PE) /Metalink をサポートしてます。

aria2 に似たアプリケーションはいくつか存在しますが、以下の 2 点 において aria2 は差別化されます: (1) 複数のソース (http/ftp そして BitTorrent) からダウンロードで きる。 (2) aria2 に URL のリストを与えた場合、それらを一つ一つ逐次的にダウンロー ドするのではなく、複数並列でダウンロードすることができます。一つ ずつダウンロードを待つ必要はないのです。これにより aria2 は与え られた帯域をめいいっぱい使用して高速なダウンロードを実現します。


信頼性 という意味でもっともすぐれたHTTP(S)/FTPダウンロードユーティリティ です。なぜなら、Metalink のチャンクチェックサムをサポートしており、 BitTorrentのようにダウンロードした部分部分のチェックサムを照合す る機能をもつからです。チェックサムが違っていればその部分だけダウ ンロードすればよいのです。従来のようなファイルをすべてダウンロード してからチェックサムをとり、間違っていれば全部ダウンロードしなおすことと較べてください。 その差はファイルサイズが大きくなるにつれて明らかです。

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Released at 2014-07-14 00:35
aria2 aria2-1.18.6 (6 files Hide)

Release Notes

aria2 は, 複数のサーバーから複数のプロトコルを用いてファイルを高速にダウンロードできるユーティリティです. コマンドラインインターフェースなので, wget によく似ていますが, BitTorrent もダウンロードできます. HTTP(S)/FTP/ BitTorrent (DHT, PEX, MSE/PE) /Metalink をサポートしています.

This release fixes several bugs reported in github issues and adds a feature to make RPC authentication more resilient to certain attacks. New option --pause-metadata is added. The explanation is a bit log, so check the changelog and manual. The session is now only saved if there are changes from the last saved state.

From this release, MinGW32 build uses Windows native TLS implementation and no longer use OpenSSL library.


* Disard cache when checking checksum

This will slow down checksum checking but does not thrash cache.

* Compat with libuv 0.11 (Unstable)

Fixes #241

* Drop WinMessageDigestImpl.

The algorithms the CryptProv on Windows supports does not currently include SHA-224, so there is a "dark spot" in this
  1. Also on Win XP < SP3, most of the SHA-2 family is not actually supported. All other implementation provide support for MD5, SHA-1 and all of the SHA-2 family, hence drop the incomplete WinMessageDigest implementation in favor of any other supported implementation (at least the internal implementation is always available at compile-time).

* Add --pause-metadata option

This option pauses downloads created as a result of metadata
  1. There are 3 types of metadata downloads in aria2: (1) downloading .torrent file. (2) downloading torrent metadata using magnet link. (3) downloading metalink file. These metadata downloads will generate downloads using their metadata. This option pauses these subsequent downloads.

* Improve compiler/platform/libs information in logs

Add and use usedCompilerAndPlatform(). This adds compiler information to INFO logs and the --version output, and may be helpful when trying to diagnose/reproduce user-reported problems.
Also make INFO logs include usedLibs() output.
Closes #235

* Fix use-after-free on exit with multi-file torrent download + DHT

DefaultPieceStorage may be referenced by one of DHT task (e.g., DHTPeerLookupTask), after RequestGroup was deleted, and even after RequestGroupMan was deleted. DefaultPieceStorage has a reference to MultiDiskAdaptor which calls RequestGroupMan object on destruction. So when DHT task is destroyed, DefaultPieceStorage is destroyed, which in turn destroys MultiDiskAdaptor. DHT task is destroyed after RequestGroupMan was destroyed, MultiDiskAdaptor will use now freed RequestGroupMan object, this is use-after-free.

* Fix bug that zero length file is not opened when flushing cache

This bug was only seen when MultiDiskAdaptor was used.

* Support PREF_DIR change for Metalink files

Reworked previous commit adeead6f0396e2f8551d1182972e277728fd6c8b, and now support changing PREF_DIR for Metalink downloads.

* Fix assertion failure when dir option of paused HTTP/FTP download is

When the directory is changed via aria2.changeOption RPC method, we directly change first FileEntry's path using FileEntry::setPath(). If there is no PREF_OUT option is given, basically file name is unknown, so we just set empty string and let the next run determine the correct file name and new directory is applied there. But previous code does not reset length property of FileEntry, so the unexpected code path is taken when unpaused and its path expects path is not empty string. This commit fixes this issue by setting length to 0 using FileEntry::setLength().

* Save session only when there is change since the last serialization

This is a slight optimization not to cause useless disk access. This only applies to saving session automatically (see --save-session-interval). aria2.saveSession and serialization at the end of the session are always performed as before.
When serialization, we first check that whether there is any change since the last serialization. To do this, we first calculate hash value of serialized content without writing into file. Then compare this value to the value of last serialization. If they do not match, perform serialization.

* Fix (unknown length) downloads larger than 2GiB

Closes #215

* Fix F_PREALLOC based allocation on some OSX versions

* Use index.html as filename for conditional-get when file is missing

in URI
Previously we disabled conditional-get if file part is missing in
  1. But we use constant string "index.html" in this case, so we can do the same to determine the modification time. In this patch, if we have file part in URI, we are not going to set absolute file path in FileEntry, since it prevents content-disposition from working.

* Always add README.html to dist_doc_DATA

rst2html is required to produce README.html from README.rst. We include generated README.html to distribution. And rst2html is not required when compiling sources in distribution and always README.html is available.

* Validate token using PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA1.

This change should make token validation more resilient to: - timing attacks (constant time array compare) - brute-force/dictionary attacks (PBKDF2)
Closes #220

* Add --disable-websocket configure option

* mingw32: Enable wintls and compile with GMP

By enabling wintls, we can use Windows certificate store to validate server's certificate. Previously, we built windows build using openssl and since we don't bundle CA certificates, aria2 fails to validate server's certificate unless user setups their CA
  1. GMP provides fast big integer calculations, whic is used in BitTorrent encryption.

* AppleTLS: Enable BEAST mitigations in ST

Only available in 10.9+, but since we might be building on a previous version but running on 10.9+, always try to set the option.

* WinTLS: Accept chains with no revocation information.

This is kind what browser do anyway (IE, Firefox, Chrome tested), what AppleTLS does, what GnuTLS does and what OpenSSL
  1. Actually, most browsers will also be OK with the CRL/OCSP provider being offline. WinTLS will still fail in that case.
Should revocation information be available in the trust chain (CRL or OCSP) the certificate still will be checked!
"Real" CAs, aka. those provided by the OS or system CA bundle, usually provide revocation information and are thus still checked. It should be mostly (only?) custom (organization) CAs that lack revocation information, but those users might want to use aria2 in their intranets and VPNs anyway ;)
See #217

* Fix GnuTLS 2.x compatiblity

Closes GH-216

* AppleTLS: Use newer, non-deprecated API in 10.8+