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ArmCord is a custom client designed to enhance your Discord experience while keeping everything lightweight. # Features

- **Standalone client**

ArmCord is built as a standalone client and doesn't rely on the original Discord client in anyway.

- **Various mods built in**

Enjoy Vencord(, Shelter( and their many features, or have a more vanilla experience, it's your choice!

- **Made for Privacy™**

ArmCord automatically blocks all of Discord's trackers; even without any client mods you can feel safe and secure!

- **Supports Rich Presence**

Unlike other clients ArmCord supports rich presence (game activity) out of the box thanks to arRPC(

- **Mobile support**

ArmCord has a **experimental** mobile support for phones running Linux such as the PinePhone. While this is still far from ideal solution, we're slowly trying to improve it.

- **Much more stable**

ArmCord is using a newer build of Electron than the stock Discord app. This means you can have a much more stable and secure experience, along with slightly better performance.

- **Cross-platform support!**

ArmCord was originally created for ARM64 Linux devices, since Discord doesn't support them. We soon decided to support every platform that supports(!

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