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ArchivistaBox AVMultimedia is a RAM-based Linux distribution for managing digital content. These include Kodi (MediaCenter), OpenShot (video editing), DeVeDe (creating DVDs), ASunder (ripping CDs), GIMP (image editing) and Scribus (desktop publishing). AVMultimedia works in the main-specifier, an installation from a USB-stick copies the entire distribution into RAM, a possible internal hard disk is used only for data to be stored.

Note: The default language is German. English can be activated at the first prompt with 'ram lang.en' or the second menu item. Default password is 'archivista'.

Update 2019: Inkscape (Sozi), Flowbalde 2.0, Scratch3 (native!), OBS, HPlip, Gimp 2.10, Synaptic, Audacity, GCompris, TuxType, Scribus, Fontforge, QMapShack, minor changes. Due to overlay filesystem it does need much less RAM (1.7 instead of 4 GByte).

System Requirements

4GB RAM, USB-Stick, Intel/AMD 64 Bit

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