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The AWK ~ plus Programming Language

-Program language AWK (The AWK Programming Language) specifications and implementation of major extensions of GNU GAWK. -Support for concurrency programming with atomic variables and thread-safe function objects. -A wide range of defense by Apache Groovy that can be dynamically and statically typed.

It is a next-generation script execution environment with features such as.

System Requirements

・AWK~plus for Java - Interpreter-Compiler

・ToolKit - noSpace, copy

・AWK˜plus for Android - (AWK~plus + shell)
(Ref. Google Play. Google Play → AWK plus🔎)
Limited, standard and source code versions are available.


win32 Windows AWK~plus-2.4.41_(Java21,Groovy4.0).zip (Date: 2023-10-07, Size: 3.12 MB)
macosx Mac noSpace-1.0.3_(Java17 LTS).zip (Date: 2023-06-30, Size: 204.51 KB)
android Android nospace-1.0.2_(Rust).zip (Date: 2023-07-27, Size: 15.32 KB)
linux Linux copy-1.1.10_(Rust).zip (Date: 2023-10-07, Size: 22.08 KB)
unix_unknown UNIX copyrayon-1.0.01_(Rust).zip (Date: 2023-10-07, Size: 23.00 KB)
ios iOS AWK~plus_for_Android-(document,ドキュメント) (Date: 2022-08-21, Size: 5.21 MB)

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