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Bay Live is a live GNU/Linux system built with Debian Live and intended to be run from a USB flash drive. It contains many useful command-line and GUI utilities including Clonezilla and GParted.

Bay Live started out as our own personal project which we created out of a desire to consolidate multiple useful administrative tools onto one system and to have a clean, no-frills desktop interface.

To install Bay Live on a USB flash drive under Linux simply run:

sudo cp baylive-amd64.hybrid.iso /dev/sdX

where /dev/sdX is the name of the USB device (for example /dev/sdb). Beware that this will overwrite the existing contents of the target device so use caution when running this command.

To create a USB flash drive under Windows you can use Rufus or similar tools.

Wireless networking is easily configured using the plasma-nm applet in the system tray (located on the right side of the panel).

There are always more tweaks to be done and things to be added. If you notice something missing or have any suggestions please let us know! We are at:

System Requirements

Operating System: Linux
- USB flash drive larger than 2GB. USB 3.0 is recommended.
- Bay Live runs on x86-64 machines

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