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Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

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Released at 2019-03-11 21:47
ChibiOS GPL Stable 18.2.x (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

*** 18.2.2 *** - NEW: Added analog watchdog functionality to STM32 ADCv2 driver. - NEW: Added a termination check to the shell. - NEW: Updated CMSIS to version 5.3.0. - NEW: Now chconf.h files have preprocessor checks around each definition,

this allows to override settings from makefiles.

- NEW: Added new functions to I/O queues: qSetLink(). - NEW: Added new functions to objects fifos: chFifoReturnObjectS(),

chFifoSendObjectAheadI(), chFifoSendObjectAheadS() and chFifoSendObjectAhead().

- HAL: Fixed invalid checks in STM32H7 HAL (bug #1000). - OTH: Fixed problem in STM32H743 GCC linker file (bug #998). - HAL: Fixed extra parenthesis in STM32F4 registry (bug #997). - HAL: Fixed timing problem in STM32 OTGv1 driver (bug #996). - HAL: Fixed restrictive check in MMC-SPI driver (bug #995). - HAL: Fixed misplaced check in STM32 ST driver (bug #994). - OTH: Fixed ARM CMx vectors table without thumb bit set for unused vectors

(bug #993).

- HAL: Fixed STM32F7xx I2SPLL not fully initialized (bug #992). - HAL: Fixed ethernet registry error for STM32F469/479 (bug #990). - RT: Fixed bug in chEvtBroadcastFlagsI (bug #989). - HAL: Fixed NULL pointer dereferenced in N25Q driver (bug #988). - HAL: Fixed OS-Less Cortex-M HAL functionality broken (bug #987). - HAL: Fixed broken functionality of MFS module (bug #986). - NIL: Fixed scheduler misbehaving in rare cases (bug #983). - NIL: Fixed function chThdSuspendTimeoutS() ignoring TIME_IMMEDIATE (bug #982). - HAL: Fixed STM32L071/72 entries in registry (bug #981). - HAL: Fixed TIM3 missing from STM32L0xx RCC macros (bug #980) - HAL: Fixed invalid STM32 ADCv3 clock selection for L4 and L4+ (bug #979). - HAL: Fixed wrong number of endpoints for STM32F412/413 (bug #978). - RT: Fixed chEvtGetAndClearFlags(...) does not mask events (bug #977). - HAL: Fixed HAL channels chnControl() macro broken (bug #976). - OTH: Fixed wrong timeout handling in CMSIS OS layer (bug #975). - HAL: Fixed mii_find_phy excludes PHY address 31 (bug #971). - HAL: Fixed invalid checks in STM32F37x HAL related to SDADC (bug #974). - HAL: Fixed option STM32_LSCOSEL not written in STM32L4 HAL (bug #970). - HAL: Fixed invalid DFSDM1SEL option in STM32L4 HAL (bug #969). - HAL: Fixed incorrect checks on STM32_SAI2SEL option in STM32L4 HAL

(bug #968).

- HAL: Fixed incorrect handling of PDIV dividers in STM32L4 HAL (bug #967). - HAL: Fixed documentation error in spiStop() (bug #966). - HAL: Fixed missing parenthesis in STM32L073 registry entry (bug #965). - HAL: Fixed problem with STM32 RTCv1 and GCC7 compiler (bug #964). - HAL: Fixed invalid timeout calculation in hal_buffers (bug #963). - RT: Fixed invalid parameter in CH_CFG_SYSTEM_INIT_HOOK hook macro

(bug #962).

- OTH: Fixed demos failing to compile (bug #961). - HAL: Fixed issue in hal_queues (bug #960). - HAL: Fixed incorrect state change in I2S driver (bug #959). - HAL: Fixed incorrect TCIE handling in STM32 serial drivers (bug #958). - HAL: Fixed invalid period calculation in STM32 GPT driver (bug #957). - HAL: Fixed missing USART7/8 definitions in STM32F0 HAL (bug #956). - LIB: Fixed heap allocation issue (bug #955). - HAL: Fixed win32 simulator HAL broken because a typo (bug #954). - HAL: Fixed race condition in STM32 ADCv3 driver (bug #953). - HAL: Fixed wrong registry entries for STM32F030x4 (bug #952). - HAL: Fixed invalid divider settings in Serial and UART STM32 drivers

when USART_CR1_OVER8 is specified (bug #951).

- NIL: Fixed missing extern declaration in IAR Cortex-M port (bug #950). - HAL: Fixed ASCR register invalid handling in STM32 GPIOv3 driver (bug #949). - HAL: Fixed missing definition in UART driver (bug #948). - OTH: Fixed wrong macro check in GCC Cortex-M startup files (bug #947). - NEW: Added optional support for character match callback in the UART

high level driver.

- NEW: Added support for LDM303AGR 6 axis Accelerometer\Magnetometer MEMS. - NEW: Added support for LSM6DSL 6 axis Accelerometer\Gyroscope MEMS. - NEW: Added support for LPS22HB 2 axis Barometer\Thermometer MEMS. - EX. Global version number moved to 1.1.0. - EX: Updated HTS221 to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated L3GD20 to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated LIS3DSH to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated LIS3MDL to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated LPS25H to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated LSM303DLHC to 1.1.1. - EX: Updated LSM6DS0 to 1.1.1. - HAL: Fixed binary instead of logic operator in STM32F4 HAL (bug #946). - HAL: Fixed Mikroe clicker 2 misaligned board file (bug #945). - EX: Fixed ChibiOS/EX documentation misalignments (bug #943).


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