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Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

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Released at 2021-11-08 00:55
ChibiOS GPL Stable 21.11.x (4 files Hide)

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*** 21.11.3 *** - NEW: STM32 DMA drivers now export an STM32_DMA_MAX_TRANSFER definition. - NEW: PAL events for RP2040 added. - NEW: Removed obsolete sandbox code from ARMv7-M port. Now ARMv7-M-ALT is

the official port for use with sandboxes.

- NEW: Reworked HAL MAC driver, now with callback support. - NEW: Fixed setting of SYSCLK when derived from divided HSI16 - NEW: Mass change: Source code convention changed from CRLF to just CR (Unix). - NEW: Fixed some corner cases in ADC5, added ADC reset on start(). - NEW: Added a "BufferedSIODriver" class that implements the behavior of the

legacy Serial driver on top of a SIO implementation (buffering, events and all).

- NEW; Now hal.h includes cc_portab.h by default making it mandatory. - NEW: Moved HAL serial error flags into asynchronous channels interface


- NEW: Reworked HAL SIO driver. - NEW: Non-proprietary LLVM build support. - NEW: Added integration of LittleFS on top of our flash infrastructure. - NEW: Added a centralized errors handler under /os/common/utils. It will

replace those in HAL and SB and will be shared among multiple subsystems.

- NEW: Added a new OOP model under /os/common/utils. It will replace the

one in HAL and will be shared among multiple subsystems.

- NEW: Added EFL driver support for STM32F401/411. - FIX: Fixed broken support for STM32 UART9 and USART10 (bug #1248). - FIX: Fixed wrong initialization in STM32L1xx ADC driver (bug #1247). - FIX: Fixed wrong HSI48 support on STM32L0xx (bug #1246). - FIX: Fixed wrong DMA definitions for STM32L0xx I2C3 peripheral (bug #1245). - FIX: Fixed wrong path in STM32L053 ADC demo makefile (bug #1244). - FIX: Fixed missing semicolon in STM32 OTGv1 driver (bug #1243). - FIX: Fixed HSI48 not enabled for STM32L496/​4A6 (bug #1242). - FIX: Fixed problem in STM32 gpt_lld_polled_delay() implementation (bug #1241). - FIX: Fixed invalid delay loop in STM32G0/WL ADCv5 driver (bug #1240). - FIX: Fixed STM32_MCOSEL setting problem (bug #1239). - FIX: Fixed problems with cache in STM32 SDMMC drivers (bug #1238). - FIX: Fixed missing clock enables for some GPIOS on some STM32L4s (bug #1237). - FIX: Fixed old bugs in serial driver header (bug #1236). - FIX: Fixed virtual timers lockup under rare conditions (bug #1235). - FIX: Fixed STM32 RTCv2 locks for a second (bug #1234).