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chibios: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r14630 2021-07-31 20:08:18 vrepetenko

Fixed alarm disable problem in st_lld_serve_interrupt.

r14629 2021-07-31 19:28:46 vrepetenko

Added SYSTICKv2 initial version.

r14628 2021-07-30 04:40:43 roccomarco

Updated OpenOCD and related dependencies

r14627 2021-07-28 23:24:03 vrepetenko

Fixed STM32_ADCSEL name, added STM32_RNGSEL default value.

r14626 2021-07-26 19:07:44 gdisirio

(empty log message)

r14625 2021-07-26 18:31:10 vrepetenko

Fixed warnings with __STATIC_INLINE, modified target core checks.

r14624 2021-07-26 17:36:55 gdisirio

Backported whole HAL from trunk for simplicity.

r14623 2021-07-26 17:34:47 gdisirio

Turned "stable" flag to TRUE.

r14622 2021-07-26 17:33:07 gdisirio

Fixed bug #1165.

r14621 2021-07-26 17:32:54 gdisirio

Fixed bug #1165.

r14620 2021-07-26 16:51:57 gdisirio

Fixed warnings.

r14619 2021-07-26 16:51:51 gdisirio

Fixed warnings.

r14618 2021-07-26 07:07:20 vrepetenko

Fixed RCC_CFGR_SWS_MSI definition.

r14617 2021-07-25 15:50:44 vrepetenko

Added STM32WL support.

r14616 2021-07-25 15:48:57 vrepetenko

STM32WL port: added CM0+ core support, fixed ADC driver version, fixed typos.

r14615 2021-07-25 06:10:17 akscram

ci: use yaml.safe_load instead of yaml.load

r14614 2021-07-25 06:03:37 akscram

ci: unpack ext deps and fix some builds

* Unpack external dependencies located under the ext/ directory before
build projects.
* Added a mechanism to skip build failures. SPC5 projects that require
ppc-freevle-eabi-gcc and ccppc are skipped.
* Fixed small compilation errors with undefined variables.

r14613 2021-07-25 01:36:49 vrepetenko

fixed single channel DAC support

r14612 2021-07-24 08:02:22 roccomarco

Updated OpenOCD to 0.11

r14611 2021-07-24 03:26:26 vrepetenko

replaced TRNG frequency check macro with osalDbgAssert

r14610 2021-07-23 07:08:04 akscram

Automation: remove backslashes in makefiles grep

r14609 2021-07-23 04:26:53 akscram

Add scripts for automation testing in Jenkins

The following targets are supported by the new makefile:

* makefiles (default) - builds all projects and stores results in the
test_results directory, exits with non-zero code if there is at
least one build failure.
* info - prints versions of used tools.
* lint - runs linter checks and exists with non-zero status if there
is at leat one linter error.
* docs - builds HTML versions of docs and stores results in
the doc_results directory.
* clean - removes test_results and doc_results directories.

r14608 2021-07-22 22:08:16 cinsights

(empty log message)

r14607 2021-07-22 19:18:08 cinsights

Add L4P/Q5 to mucconf updater and demo mcuconfs

r14606 2021-07-22 18:38:28 cinsights

Adding STM32L4P/Q5

r14605 2021-07-17 16:10:22 cinsights

Fix typo in WL for definition of STM32_SPI2SEL

r14604 2021-07-16 13:22:53 gdisirio

(empty log message)

r14603 2021-07-16 13:22:42 gdisirio

(empty log message)

r14602 2021-07-15 17:44:13 gdisirio

Fixed RTC alarms problem.

r14601 2021-07-15 17:44:05 gdisirio

Fixed RTC alarms problem.

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