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Revision15617 (tree)
Time2022-04-28 17:16:36

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--- trunk/readme.txt (revision 15616)
+++ trunk/readme.txt (revision 15617)
@@ -74,19 +74,6 @@
7474 *****************************************************************************
7676 *** Next ***
77-- NEW: Added dubby cycles support for SNOR using the normal SPI driver.
78-- NEW: Disabled priority check on STM32 EXTI interrupts when the default
79- ISR is disabled. This allows for fast interrupts.
80-- NEW: Added support for UART9 and USART10 on STM32H7.
81-- NEW: Improved MFS to use explicitly non-cacheable buffers for potentially
82- DMA-accessible I/O areas.
83-- NEW: FatFS now functional on STM32H7xx, added a target to the VFS demo.
84-- NEW: Improved cache settings in STM32H7xx mcuconf.h.
85-- NEW: Modified SDMMCv2 to allow for uncached buffers, tested on STM32H7xx.
86-- NEW: Added OCTOSPIv2 driver using MDMA for STM32H7xx.
87-- NEW: Added demos for STM32H723ZG Nucleo144 and STM32H735ZI Discovery boards.
88-- NEW: Added support for STM32H723/25/33/35/A3/B3/A3Q/B3Q.
89-- NEW: Updated ST Cube headers for STM32H7xx.
9077 - NEW: Added a Posix-favored shell named "msh" (Mini Shell). The shell is able
9178 to run sub-apps inside the same sandbox. The shell can either be placed
9279 statically in flash or loaded dynamically in RAM.
@@ -96,8 +83,6 @@
9683 - NEW: SBs and VFS integration. Each SB can see its own VFS instance.
9784 - NEW: Added integration of LittleFS on top of our flash infrastructure.
9885 - NEW: Added a new MEM_IS_VALID_FUNCTION() macro to RT and NIL.
99-- NEW: Improved HAL flash interface with mutual exclusion methods, improved
100- EFL and SNOR drivers to use it.
10186 - NEW: Added a centralized errors handler under /os/common/utils. It will
10287 replace those in HAL and SB and will be shared among multiple subsystems.
10388 - NEW: Added a new OOP model under /os/common/utils. It will replace the
@@ -113,24 +98,13 @@
11398 - NEW: Added MEM_NATURAL_ALIGN macro to RT and NIL.
11499 - NEW: Added static initializer for virtual timers in RT.
115100 - NEW: Added new function chHeapIntegrityCheck().
116-- NEW: Added EFL driver implementation for STM32G4xx.
117101 - NEW: Function chCoreGetStatusX() changed to return a memory region object
118102 instead of a simple size.
119103 - NEW: RT and NIL upgraded to support the enhanced OSLIB.
120104 - NEW: Memory areas/pointers checker functions added to OSLIB.
121-- NEW: STM32G0B1 USBv2 driver.
122-- NEW: USBv1 driver optimization and removal of a potential race condition
123- (not demonstrated).
124-- NEW: Added elfAcquireBus()/eflReleaseBus() functions to EFL driver.
125105 - NEW: Increased stacks size in RT test suite from 128 to 192. added an
126106 option to override the stack size by defining THREADS_STACK_SIZE
127107 in the makefile.
128-- NEW: Added STM32L073RZ-Nucleo64 to USB-CDC "multi" demo. Removed old demo.
129-- NEW: Added an STM32 WDG "multi" demo. Removed all old WDG demos.
130-- NEW: Added option to copy vectors in RAM on GCC startup for ARMv6-M,
131- ARMv7-M and ARMv8-M-ML.
132-- NEW: On STM32WBxx added a check on STM32_LSI_ENABLE required by IWDG.
133-- NEW: Added SPIv2 support also to STM32WB and STM32WL.
134108 - FIX: Re-opened and fixed bug #1100
135109 (backported to 20.3.5)(backported to 21.11.2).
136110 - FIX: Fixed wrong buffers toggling in STM32 USBv1 isochronous mode (bug #1232)
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