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cl-sack: List of commits

CL-Sack is a Common Lisp library for making and manipulating Sack files.

Rev. Time Author
3ead5084710a tip 2019-02-18 22:03:25 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Started to implement metadata editing

23ebf3368506 2019-02-18 22:03:13 Alexa Jones-Gonzales


d119e6b38e69 2019-02-17 13:14:45 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Better handle entry types

e40dbde81672 2019-02-15 18:02:42 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Added a pane that will be used for metadata, and added output of an
entry's type and data length.

f54ebcdaa28c 2019-02-15 18:02:10 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Added a macro to italicize text, and a function to convert a number
into a human-readable size.

96b76fca0810 2019-02-12 16:51:02 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Added ability to add entries and rename them.

c9f6ddba5fab 2019-02-09 08:45:39 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Migrating GUI to McClim

ab684d1d1152 2019-02-07 15:25:44 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fix compilation warnings

de8f1f76b3a0 2019-02-07 15:24:13 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Copyright update

a6a17cccf6dd 2019-02-07 15:22:20 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Update copyright

3836741b70a9 2019-02-07 15:18:33 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Move WITH-ALL-ENTRIES earlier to quiet the compiler

eb42ac43cf5d 2018-10-23 11:28:47 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Update copyright

241a3e1dc390 2018-10-23 11:07:13 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

* Added additional LOAD-SACK methods for convenience

* Added a slot called INIT-DATA-LENGTH, used only internally, to

* Added pretty printing functions for the Streamed variants of Sack
Files and Entries

* Fixed various bugs to allow both Sacked and SackyHack to compile
once again

701106d7e9f3 2018-10-22 10:19:41 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Included new code in ASDF file

be8c3e6eaef8 2018-10-22 10:18:58 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Started work on streamed Sack Files

f260ce92de61 2018-10-20 10:51:13 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fix compiler warnings on CCL

5add853fae5e 2018-10-20 10:42:30 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

* Add note about +MAX-ENTRY-TYPES+

* Fix code wrapping

d791fb3be274 2018-10-20 10:36:53 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

* Additional documentation added, fixed, and improved.

* ENTRY-TYPE-DEF and friends are now exported.

* Added additional checks on Entry Type names.

* Removed unused ENTRY-DATA-ERROR condition.

* Added pretty printing for conditions

1c4c0451c8f0 2018-10-19 19:53:55 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Add some additional documentation strings to the _correct_ places -_-

6718a2a35e94 2018-10-19 19:47:40 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Correct version

6482b63e2473 2018-10-19 19:47:11 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Major API simplification and some refactoring.

* Most functions are now generic functions.

* SACK-FILE and SACK-ENTRY now inherit from SACK-OBJECT.

* Metadata is now handled more generically.

* Sack files are now loaded entirely into memory with LOAD-SACK.

* The concept of a Data Source no longer exists. Sack Entries now hold their
data in-memory.

* Additional errors specified, and all errors are descendent from SACK-ERROR.

* Added convenience macros for raising conditions.

* Functions are now more consistent in their signatures and names.

* Useless error checking removed.

* Additional error checks added where needed.

* More documentation

c8e072b83f92 2018-10-11 08:26:17 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

* Allow DATA-SOURCE to be NIL
* Fixed type specifier for type/sack-type

6eda7c32f659 2018-05-27 12:17:12 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fix a bug when working with in-memory streams

b9ffff603501 2018-04-28 12:20:26 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Added --merge-core-pages to the SBCL build options

ed2f996f937b 2017-12-13 14:55:33 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

:SCRIPT should be NIL for CLisp

bd3964eeb57c 2017-11-28 20:07:56 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fix additional bugs with saving Sack files

15e60fb976f1 2017-11-28 18:49:30 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fixed additional IO bugs that corrupted Sack files

6fbe10951a59 2017-11-28 18:38:32 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Remove debugging code

542b4cf359a6 2017-11-28 18:35:29 Alexa Jones-Gonzales

Fixed IO bugs that caused corrupted Sack files

d2f2b3eaea7e 2017-11-28 18:35:11 Alexa Jones-Gonzales


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