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A command to update ClamAV automatically until installation from downloading in place of the user who build it from sources. We develop FreshClamDaemon and ClamAntiVirusDaemon related to ClamAV for Mac OS X.

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Released at 2007-05-12 01:45
clamdsh 1.0.1 (1 files Hide)

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Bugs #10366 is fixed.

When you use built-in variables not set, outputs the error message.

Bugs #10365 is fixed.

When the built-in variable such as TCPSocket is used,
${NAME} is not replaced with the value.

Bugs #10360 is fixed.

The character specification by the character-code is not recognized correctly
in the command line.

Bugs #10359 is fixed.

When neither LocalSocket nor TCPAddr are set, and only TCPSocket is set, tries to be connected to clamd with INET socket.