Project Description

This is a sound-playing utility for C++ apps that can asynchronously start and stop music loops, as well as initiate transient sounds, and allowing unlimited sound concurrency.

It plays WAV files, via OpenAL, and runs on Windows, OSX, and linux platforms. Nice examples for each O.S. are included.

It is suitable for any Cpp application that needs music, sound loops or transient sound effects; eg. games.

There are no software depencies; this utility is self-contained.

* I am currently using it for sound in my OpenGL slider-puzzles app RufasSlider (written in C++):

System Requirements

Windows, Linux, & Mac/OSX systems with a GNU g++ compiler


The proper command to extract the archive and maintain the directory structure is "7z x filename". Show How to Install


win32 Windows coal8nov22.7z (Date: 2022-11-09, Size: 5.83 MB)
macosx Mac coal8nov22.7z (Date: 2022-11-09, Size: 5.83 MB)
linux Linux coal8nov22.7z (Date: 2022-11-09, Size: 5.83 MB)

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