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Welcome to CROWZ, formerly Zephyr!

CROWZ is an operating system based on Devuan 2.0 ASCII release. Lightweight, consisting of a minimal compilation of applications and tools. Overall the ethos of CROWZ is simplicity.

Web browser, file manager, image viewer, torrent client, terminal emulator, pdf viewer, audio and video player, text editor, and a few other essential applications.

The crowz-welcome screen compliments the install with an easy to use a terminal program to update and install additional applications.

Fluxbox, JWM, and Openbox are fully customizable window managers, light on resources, fast, stable, each with a full-featured desktop experience.

For those who enjoy configuring and customizing their desktop, this distro maybe ideal.


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2018-12-24 19:29
Review by miyolinux

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I've been running the Openbox version for several months...absolutely a wonderful experience! I love and appreciate the minimalist approach, and everything just works. It was a joy to see 32bit versions included in this day when even many Linux distros are dropping 32bit support! Well done! If you want an easy-to-use Openbox distro that will allow you to customize it the way that you want, this should be at the top of your list! Light on resources and fast in will bring your old computer back to life or let your new computer fly like never before. Many thanks to the developer for all of his time and effort in making this available for others to use! The developer has given us something special in CROWZ!
no systemd light on resources fast and stable easy-to-use easy to customize both 32 and 64 bit versions available
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