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2018-11-08 07:13
When I open CrystalDiskInfo, I get the UAC request, which I accept, but then the program never shows. When I check th...
2018-10-23 23:20
Hello, I would like the option to modify/change the interval in which the temperature is capture from a drive. I don'...
2018-10-20 18:47
Please add SMART-Information/Attributes for Kingston SSDs: Kingston SSD Manager: Vendor/Model: KINGSTON SM2280S3G22...
2018-09-28 20:16
I have an hugh amount of disks (115 drives) connnected via SAS on my server. Unfortunately the tool can only show up ...
2018-07-18 21:05
CrystalDiskInfo is very good, but I have a problem. When I power on the PC, CrystalDiskInfo does not start automatica...

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2018-10-02 17:50

I use it for several years.Two months ago as the first one alerted me to a f....

2018-08-27 00:07

that is good one software easy to use fix all bugs for sure

2018-08-09 00:16

Long time user. Good stuff. Thank you!

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