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2017-10-16 12:37
Dear friend. Encountered an error while uninstalling the application. When I use the /VERYSILENT  /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES. ...
2017-09-02 05:00
1. companies are updating firmware for SSD disks from time to time. I'm thinking if there is any possibility of addin...
2017-08-11 21:19
Hi With the notice of the newest update 7.1.1 of CrystalDiskInfo, I noticed that I have no more the icons of the har...
2017-08-04 09:08
1TB NVMe PM961 NVMe SSD SAMSUNG (Boot) Does not see this drive. Does see all SATA drives, but this M.2 NVMe is on PCIe
2017-07-27 13:59
Request to support Samsung PM961 NVMe SSD (which is used in Dell XPS 15 9560) Tested 7.0.5 with the PM961 - all fiel...

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2017-12-16 09:29

great application for testing your hard drive.

2017-11-22 07:34


2017-11-20 05:11

It's a very good software for monitoring HD.

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