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2018-07-18 21:05
CrystalDiskInfo is very good, but I have a problem. When I power on the PC, CrystalDiskInfo does not start automatica...
2018-07-11 22:32
Hello. Love this app! It is the best out of all I could find! (free, light, no memory leaks, alerts, works on server ...
2018-06-24 02:17
Action: Entering Mail Settings under Function > Alert Features > Mail Settings Error: System.Security.Authentication...
2018-05-29 21:00
Use optipng to optimize all png files. It is lossless, saves some disk space and makes the tool load faster. http://o...
2018-04-25 04:39
Hi With the notice of the newest update 7.1.1 of CrystalDiskInfo, I noticed that I have no more the icons of the hard...

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2018-08-27 00:07

that is good one software easy to use fix all bugs for sure

2018-08-09 00:16

Long time user. Good stuff. Thank you!

2018-07-27 11:21

Good , and easy!, do not take to much time for the info

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