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2022-01-31 17:00
Review by Glenina

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I have little idea what this tool does exactly. I guess the bigger the number is the better the result.
Very simple and intuitive.
Would like a little information on the benchmarking data. What speed should one expect.

2021-11-02 17:43
Review by NOO

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OK, I like this very much. Thank you for sharing

2020-11-03 13:16
Review by charlo_fourie

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This tool is easy on your processor and RAM, and does not cause any stress, but it would be in your best interest to close all documents while CrystalDiskMark is running a test, whether its random read or write or following in logic order 4KB/512KB reads all things. This software performs it's job very well, definitly serving its purpose. No additional knowledge is required. Be sure to take a look at all the advantages in the feat

2019-02-19 19:49
Review by BJPGameVideosITA

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Perfect tool to benchmark and compare different storage devices.
It's free, it's compatible with almost all the currently used versions of Windows, and it's lightweight
It's only for Windows

2018-12-19 16:12
Review by anh ly

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thank admin :D

2015-01-08 03:14
Review by CaptJim

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The only issue is the ability to test Mount Points. I can only connect to LUNS associated with Drive Letters. When will you support connecting to Mount Points
Good and fast way to test relative performance between different systems of disks
No support for Mount Points.

2014-06-18 17:28
Review by Louwin

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Good program :) Would be better if the "Copy" included drive letter and disc name so information could be stored of all the discs by drive letter (copy and paste into a Notebook report).
Good program
Does not store results by drive letter and/or disc name

2012-03-05 04:07
Review by Anonymous

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Works as advertised. Nice!