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win32 Windows (Date: 2017-04-17, Size: 1.99 MB)
macosx Mac (Date: 2017-04-21, Size: 3.93 MB)
linux Linux BASIC6623En.tar.gz (Date: 2017-04-21, Size: 1.95 MB)
source Source Code (Date: 2017-03-13, Size: 306.97 KB)

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2017-06-13 04:02
Review by toml12953

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A great implementation of the ANSI/ISO standard for BASIC. The author has always answered my questions with great accuracy and patience. Even though it's free, it's better than some other software that charges a fee.
The parts that are implemented are faithful to ANSI standard. Author is very responsive.
Still not at 100% implementation of ANSI. A limitation that I hope will be corrected eventually.

2017-02-19 08:08
Review by 中江田電子

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動作が早くなった!!! ただmacはちょっと遅いかな? ソースプログラムをテキストコピーしてwindows,macなどでそのまま動作するのは開発に最高です。

2016-05-09 04:24
Review by BSpinoza

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It does what you exspect it has to do. A excellent tool for my work.
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