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Denkzettel Companion is a Windows companion program for the Android App Denkzettel

Denkzettel is an excellent Android app by Silvio Schurig for writing notes as text files and organizing them into categories (= subdirectories) on an Android smart phone. It can also use these files as check lists.

Denkzettel Companion is a Windows Program that I have written with Lazarus. It tries to mimic Denkzettel on the Windows platform. The idea is to synchronize the notes between an Android device and a Windows PC and have similar programs on both platforms to edit them.

System Requirements

Windows 10 (probably also runs on older and newer versions, but I haven't tested it)


win32 Windows (Date: 2023-04-27, Size: 947.01 KB)

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2020-03-16 19:49
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Simple and working good. But could not figure out how to create checklist.
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