Notice: Site Domain will Change, Starting on October 3
2016-08-25 16:53 (by sado)

Last year, we've changed our brand to OSDN, our current brand name, and here we announce that we will be relocating our current site domain (URL) to on October 3.

Starting on October 3, our site domain will be as follows. Currently, when used on Japanese language settings, route domain is being used, and Japanese has been treated with priority, but after relocating to, all languages will be treated equally with subdomains that allow redirects based on the language settings. In addition, regarding e-mail related services and project Web that use domain, the domains will stay the same as the current ones. When we changed our brand name last year, we had to impose a sudden URL change on Project Web, but from here on, even if there will be a change to allow domains that are besides .jp available to be used for Project Web, domain change will not be imposed upon projects that are using current Project Webs.

  • OSDN Web UI:Relocating to from
  • Source Code Repository:Relocating to from
  • OSDN user e-mail address:Will stay the same ((user_name)
  • Project Web: Will stay the same (https://(projectname)
  • mailing list: Will stay the same ((project name-ML name)

Even after we relocate to, all domains that were being used until including will be kept, and all accesses will be adequately redirected, so won't be any problem using former URLs.

At OSDN, we will continue with our efforts to bring back reliability and trusts on a global level to the open-source development support site industry which has been stirring distrust since last year.

Now, we are cautiously moving forward with our relocating operation, but it is possible that you may experience some inconveniences for the time being. If you happen to encounter odd behaviors, we’d appreciate your submitting tickets to inform us the bugs.

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