Add File overwrite mode for file release
2017-09-20 13:25 (by ishikawa)

Duplicate file name in the release are not allowed on the osdn file release system.

When you want to re-upload the file in the release, you should remove the old one then upload the new one.

A result of the above constraints, there are some problems such that "The operation is stressful when you want to replace a large number of files", "These files on the file list will be missing between the old files are removed and new files are finised to upload."

To solve this problem, we add file orverwrite option for file release.

  • By default, overwrite mode is disabled.
  • If you want to use overwrite mode, you can change setting in project release admin page (/projects/PROJECT_NAME/releases/admin/)
  • When overwrite is allowd, upload from Web UI, ftp and API will overwrite the file if duplicate file in the release.
  • When file is overwritten, download count is reset.
  • File overwrite will be done silently (without any kinds of alert), and can not revert file overwrite.
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