DSA SSH key authentication support will be discontinue on OSDN
2018-11-30 13:17 (by ishikawa)

SSH DSA key support is not recommend and disabled per default since 2015 on openssh upstream release beacuase of weakness of the algorithm.

So, We will stop to support of DSA key for OSDN ssh login.


2018-12-31 (we will disable DSA key login in Jan. 2019)

Affected services:

  • Shell service login
  • project SCM (git/svn/hg/bzr/cvs) access via SSH
  • PersonalForge SCM (git/sv/hg) access via SSH


You can check SSH keys you registered above url. If you have ssh-dss key, the key will not accept to use login for OSDN after Jan. 2019. You should use another typo of key.

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