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2019-12-06 20:00
The no-chip default sounds for drum FT and CY are mixed up. The FloorTom is mistakenly B6 but should be B7, and the R...
2019-12-06 18:52
When not hitting guitar/bass notes, the chips and bar lines are drawn over the RGB button image. tps://
2019-12-06 18:01
The image for the ride cymbal pad is wrongly positioned. It is too low, too much to the left and it is drawn over the...
2019-12-04 21:27
The auto lanes in the quick config menu (BD,BD) do not display correctly. For drum, when choosing "Auto HH", it shows...
2019-12-04 14:21
The Sort Menu (BD,HT) opens properly when first going to the music selection, but after returning to the music select...

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2018-02-22 13:03

めっちゃ面白い マジめに神ゲー過ぎる やり込み度マスゲームやで

2014-09-06 22:36

DTXMania and Drummania. DTXMania is essentially a Drummania emulator. Drumm....

2013-09-03 05:34

this great

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2019-10-01 22:41
Added DTXC Rel035 info
2019-10-01 22:37
2019-09-24 00:07
2019-09-01 00:09
Added Release 115 info
2019-09-01 00:04
Release 115の情報を追加

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