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Behaviour of "Dark" options

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The behaviour of the "Half Dark" and "Full Dark" is a bit strange, I think.

At the moment, it will make the lanes transparent.
The problem is, when there is a fullscreen AVI, the lanes are transparent and the video makes it difficult to see the chips.
I think the intention of "Dark" mode is to make it easy to see the lanes and chips by making the lanes black instead of colored. (In the current version, they aren't very colorful anyways...)

My suggestion is to make the lanes completely black instead of making them transparent.
Maybe the option "BGAlpha" can still have an effect on it.

Additionally, I think the background image (from "#BACKGROUND" etc.) should not be removed.
This is similar to my other suggestion in the "#BACKGROUND" ticket:
I think the background image should behave like a fullscreen AVI.
What's your opinion on this?

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