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Guitar/Bass "Reverse" option needs to flip RGB button images

Open Date: 2016-10-09 01:24 Last Update: 2016-10-09 04:10

Reporter: beatme Owner: (None)
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When using the "Reverse" option for guitar or bass (so the chips scroll from top to bottom), the RGB button images are not flipped vertically. (With RGB buttons I mean the red, green, blue images that are attached to the JudgeLine and change when pressing the buttons.)
That means they are not attached to the JudgeLine when using "Reverse".

I think it would look more natural when they would be flipped vertically when using "Reverse".
(Although, maybe it would look strange when the button-press animation goes upwards instead of downwards?)

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2016-10-09 01:24 Updated by: beatme
  • New Ticket "Guitar/Bass "Reverse" option needs to flip RGB button images" created
2016-10-09 04:10 Updated by: beatme

I remembered that in the old versions, there were letters on the button images. (R, G, B)
It would be strange to flip them...
Since they don't exist anymore it doesn't matter, but for skin support, maybe there can be an additionall "letter image" on top of the button which will not be flipped?

This is more of a design decision, so I can't really say what's good.


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