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dvi2epub: Repository summary

dvi2epub enables you to convert DVI file to EPUB format.

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dvi2epub enables you to convert a DVI file to EPUB and SCORM format.

- Compilation
  Install Apache Maven and run:
    > mvn package

- Usage
  You can convert a DVI file to an EPUB format by executing
  the following command:
    > java dvi2epub-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
        a-dvi-file.dvi output.epub

  The resulting output.epub is an EPUB file and it is a SCORM 1.2
  file as well.  This means that you can view the resulting output.epub
  by an EPUB player like iBook on iPhone.  Also, when you want to
  register output.epub to your LMS (Learning Management System) like
  Moodle, just change the file extension to .zip, viz.,
    > mv output.epub output.zip
  and upload output.zip to LMS.
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