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dwaddle: List of commits

Main Dwaddle repository

Rev. Time Author
aeaa7df9da1e trunk tip 2022-01-26 16:30:59 Remilia Scarlet

Update shards

0ba3da959f0c trunk 2021-11-07 19:24:22 Remilia Scarlet

Add marker lump to lists of level type required lumps

1f1237d9986f trunk 2021-11-07 19:23:52 Remilia Scarlet

Back sidedef could be negative

b5c77fa969b7 trunk 2021-06-19 18:49:33 Remilia Scarlet

Use a specific commit

276998f1075f trunk 2021-06-19 14:27:38 Remilia Scarlet

Merge trunk

7fb232440ecb trunk 2021-06-19 14:27:08 Remilia Scarlet

Add various methods to improve texture/flat and level handling with
data sets.

11b31986baee trunk 2021-06-19 14:26:40 Remilia Scarlet

Add #with_each_index method

64d0c0c6d9ca trunk 2021-06-19 14:26:26 Remilia Scarlet

Move a method down a bit

aa0222d105ca trunk 2021-06-19 14:25:22 Remilia Scarlet

Fix some logic in level detection, and add the #empty? method to the
WadFile class.

ac76615c8882 trunk 2021-05-26 20:22:00 Remilia Scarlet

Bump to correct libremiliacr version

3938dcc0e306 trunk 2021-05-26 20:16:23 Remilia Scarlet

Bump required libremiliacr version

5a6229b242ba trunk 2021-05-26 14:57:19 Remilia Scarlet

Add a constant for a Palette of the original Doom palette.

82d76bf71e70 trunk 2021-05-26 14:57:05 Remilia Scarlet

Allow initialization of a Flat from a Lump, and remove an unused

b8a632373b5d trunk 2021-05-26 14:56:34 Remilia Scarlet

Add #pred and #succ methods to Lump class. Also implement moving of
lumps in WadFile.

6761d61f6cb6 trunk 2021-05-25 20:46:27 Remilia Scarlet

Ensure lump data is loaded during a save. Also use a temporary file
when saving to minimize chance of data loss.

7aeee144cb71 trunk 2021-05-22 07:48:35 Remilia Scarlet

Fix lump renaming

3f9a1813536f trunk 2021-05-22 07:14:20 Remilia Scarlet

Add #indicesNamed, #lastIndexOf, and #insert to WadFile class.

0f2519756157 trunk 2021-05-22 07:13:50 Remilia Scarlet

Fix a comment

e7f4a66264fc trunk 2021-05-22 07:13:35 Remilia Scarlet

Remove references to the old ZUdmf* classes, and add #groupLines

087a45079309 trunk 2021-05-12 15:58:07 Remilia Scarlet

Update readme

125da58bbcac trunk 2021-05-12 14:34:31 alexa

Add flat loading to the DataSet class, as well as accessor methods for
various things that are stored in it.

e7d3a38107b4 trunk 2021-05-12 14:33:53 alexa

Only load palette #0 from a lump

ef3a173113d5 trunk 2021-05-12 14:33:28 alexa

Rewrite WadFile#initialize(String, Bool) to remove a TODO. Also add

7a68a9a7e078 trunk 2021-05-12 14:32:24 alexa

Bump required libremiliacr version to 0.4.2.

cb007da834ba trunk 2021-05-12 14:32:08 alexa

Add Flat class, which is used to store Doom floor/ceiling textures.

d77db521416a trunk 2021-05-11 17:56:40 alexa

Start work on the DataSet class. This will allow combining multiple
source files into one high-level data collection that can then be
saved to a .wad file, or accessed easily and quickly.

Also remove some stuff from the attic.

6b23459ee5cd trunk 2021-05-11 17:55:06 alexa

Add #toRawPalette method. Also ensure that @entries never goes larger
than 256.

681d8424883b trunk 2021-05-10 17:38:46 alexa

Update SWITCHES support and add ANIMATED support. Both can now have
additional definitions merged in, and the default definitions are in
the source.

TODO: don't store the default ones as yaml (I was lazy)

939f4cff33a1 trunk 2021-05-02 17:15:52 alexa

Require a newer libremiliacr to stay current with dtools

2f641a9855a8 trunk 2021-05-02 17:15:36 alexa

Use classes where it's more appropriate

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