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eirrepo: List of commits

Rev. Time Author
r281 2019-10-15 16:15:37 quiret

- fixed some compilation issues due to recent restructures of header internals (removal of assert.h, etc)

r280 2019-10-08 23:02:43 quiret

- fixed natvis of eir::endian

r279 2019-09-29 00:28:08 quiret

- fixed some issues with assert

r278 2019-09-21 17:49:46 quiret

- added some more capabilities to the JSON (de-)serializer

r277 2019-09-20 06:04:38 quiret

- purged the assert macro from a lot of memory-critical places inside of the Eir SDK because that macro can allocate memory; we instead just want to crash the program to trigger a trap for debuggers

r276 2019-09-20 04:38:53 quiret

- bugfix: forgot to add free region to the memory island which happened to have a pageHandle allocated to the right of it

r275 2019-09-20 04:07:53 quiret

- fixed an obvious bug in NativeHeapAllocator where after an island was merged with a new pageHandle it was found that the region of it intersects with the pageHandle region it just merged with

r274 2019-09-18 01:03:04 quiret

- Linux: added use of MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE for virtual memory requesting at fixed locations thanks to the Linux Kernel v4.17 (thank you kernel devs for actually listening!)

r273 2019-09-17 21:45:09 quiret

- NativeHeapAllocator: optimization by removing freeRegions that cannot allocate anyway from the tree (the memory is still accounted-to when querying statistics)

r272 2019-09-17 16:25:11 quiret

- tiny bugfix

r271 2019-09-17 15:55:10 quiret

- fixed a bug where I forgot to reset the freeRegion of VMemFreeBlock after moving it
- fixed update of manager pointer for the firstFreeSpaceBlock of VMemIsland on moving it
- adjusted NativeHeapAllocator::VMemIsland::HEADER_ALIGNMENT to the real value (it was correct anyway but now it is explicit)
- adjusted some unittest so it works again (broke due to change in internals, gah)

r270 2019-09-17 01:15:17 quiret

- optimized NativeHeapAllocator by using a single AVLTree for the entirety of free-space-blocks so that finding a valid allocation is just one binary tree search
- various fixes and improvements

r269 2019-09-16 23:15:40 quiret

- improved the logic of growing allocations inside NativeHeapAllocator
- implemented merging of occasional neighbor-island-spawn (should happen much more often now after the optimizations)
- made island growing depend on burst count now (the three most recent islands are first grown, then we try a new island and in the end we try all remaining heap islands for growing)
- added more heap tests

r268 2019-09-08 20:27:51 quiret

- GCC adjustments

r267 2019-09-08 09:10:57 quiret

- fixed some oddball issues that prevented compilation under Linux

r266 2019-09-08 06:20:13 quiret

- fixed some issues with upcoming C++ issues and some code that puts "using namespace std;" because it wants to be cool

r265 2019-09-08 05:45:42 quiret

- added backwards-iteration of AVLTree nodes
- added the ability for VMemIsland to grow to the left (smaller memory positions)
- executing AVLTree tests before the memory tests now

r264 2019-09-07 21:02:24 quiret

- fixed bugs in the merging of NativeHeapAllocator islands (tested using top-down memory allocation, commonly found on Linux)

r263 2019-09-07 20:02:54 quiret

- implemented merging of NativeHeapAllocator islands (effectively just to-the-right for now)
- added RwList::moveIntoBegin and RwList::moveIntoEnd helpers
- replaced UINT_DOWNPUSH wiht SCALE_DOWN because those methods do exactly the same
- naively improved logic of NativePageAllocator::MergePageHandles (is actually more stable this way)

r262 2019-09-05 19:05:53 quiret

- implemented NativePageAllocator::MergePageHandles
- added more memory tests related to NPA

r261 2019-09-05 07:50:19 quiret

- fixed a few bugs with NativePageAllocator::LeftResizeHandle (proper insertion of new arena nodes, proper updating of pageHandle::begResiding)
- added some unit test for NativePageAllocator

r260 2019-09-04 06:52:03 quiret

- added NativePageAllocator::LeftResizeHandle
- added memtests that test the new method

r259 2019-09-04 03:23:41 quiret

- fixed bugs in the new MathSlice.algorithms.h
- added default constructor to rwListIterator
- removed a lot of redundant code from NativePageAllocator

r258 2019-09-04 01:45:20 quiret

- started working on new version of NativePageAllocator: adding new methods and making it more reliable
- started work to improve NativeHeapAllocator: more optimizations through sorting, pageHandle merging, etc
- added new header MathSlice.algorithms.h that has important algorithms for memory management and slices in general (sharing code between SortedSliceSector and NativePageAllocator)
- added more unit tests
- various bugfixes/improvements

MSVC does have a compiler error in map.cpp and set.cpp, so please bear with me if I do not fix this crash (it is MSFT's fault)

r257 2019-08-27 20:21:06 quiret

- fixed a conventional change in AVLNode struct movement (it now has to go through the corresponding AVLTree object)
- made g++-9 the supported compiler because of C++20 features

r256 2019-08-02 20:26:55 quiret

- fixed char8_t for Visual Studio 2019 16.2 (they added char8_t definition)
- added eir::Map::FindOrDefault helper method

r255 2019-07-22 06:39:17 quiret

- added optional_struct_space_init helper for runtime optional_struct_space building on the thread stack

r254 2019-07-22 06:09:21 quiret

- made libparse not require lib linkage against gtaconfig because it just depends on inline headers

r253 2019-07-21 05:40:38 quiret

- made libbericht actually compile

r252 2019-07-21 05:05:00 quiret

- added libbericht, a logging library by me (still needs work)

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