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2023-04-08 02:42 (by rdnielsen)

As of v. 1.115, the EXPORT metacommand allows multiple tables or views to be exported to separate sheet within an ODS workbook, with a single command. This can significantly reduce the time required to export multiple table with separate metacommands, appending them to the same workbook.


2020-02-23 04:43 (by rdnielsen)

The APPEND SCRIPT metacommand has been renamed to EXTEND SCRIPT...WITH SCRIPT, with slightly modified syntax. This change was made for consistency with two new EXTEND SCRIPT metacommands that allow single statements (SQL or metacommand) to b (Show more...)


2020-02-14 13:43 (by rdnielsen)

The template execsql.conf file has been removed from the execsql package and instead is distributed in a new package that also contains a template SQL script. The template SQL script sets some useful configuration values, initiates a custom (Show more...)
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