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Welcome to Ezarcher

The Ezarcher Linux ISO is a full featured Arch based Linux desktop. The live system comes with many common desktop software packages and tools to install Arch Linux on your system. There are three installation methods, the Calamares Installer, my own ezarch scripts, and, the Arch Way. The Calamares installer is located in the System menu and titled Install System. The five ISOs provided are the Cinnamon, KDE Plasma, LXQt, Mate, and Xfce desktops.

The ~/ezarcher/Docs folder contains some introductory readme files and suggested steps to enhance the system. The ~/ezarcher/Guides folder has the original ezarch install guides with each step to install an Arch system from scratch. The ~/ezarcher/Scripts folder contains the ezarch.bios and ezarch.uefi install scripts to perform an menu driven Arch installation, as well as the ezmaint script for basic maintenance tasks. The ~/ezarcher/PkgBuilds folder contains the pkgbuild files used for the Calamares compile and its two associated packages. There is an instruction file on how to use the pkgbuild files if necessary. The ~/ezarcher/Templates folder contains all five build templates, so you can build a different ISO with one of the five desktops provided: Cinnamon, LXQt, KDE, Mate, or Xfce.

User password: live

Root password: toor


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Released at 2022-02-21 14:40
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Release Notes

The kernel version is 5.18.16 and Systemd is at 251.3-1. Calamares is at version 3.2.59. Sddm is the only display manager offered on all five ISOs. The Calamares installer is available and the module config files have been edited to give good default configuration options. Fstrim and plocate-updatedb timers are set upon install, but not in the live system. NetworkManager, haveged, cups, and bluetooth are enabled in the live and installed system. When choosing btrfs, the fstab mounts options are defaults, noatime, and noautodefrag, while the discard=async option is not included since fstrim does that job better. Ext4 is the default filesystem for auto-partitioned installs, while btrfs and xfs are drop-down options. The Ezarch install scripts are available on the live system, so a fresh install with my menu guided scripts is possible. Finally, there is always the option to open a terminal do a true Arch Install via the Arch Wiki. Enjoy! :-)


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