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The eznixOS is a respin of Debian GNU/Linux, currently based on the Debian Stable release. The Debian live-build tool is used to build the ISO and the complete build files are located in /usr/share/eznixOS117X1 and /usr/share/eznixOS117K2 for the Xfce and Plasma builds.

The current releases are eznixOS117X1-amd64.iso and eznixOS117K2-amd64.iso. The numbering scheme is 117 that corresponds to Debian release 11.7 and the X1 for Xfce and K2 for Plasma. Complete build docs and configuration files are in the eznix117X1.tar and eznix117K2.tar files.

Live System : username: user password: live

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Operating System: Linux

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