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Project Description

Fermisurfer can display Fermi surfaces colored as a function of arbitraly quantities such as the orbital character.

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Released at 2017-05-11 17:06
fermisurfer 1.8 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

FermiSurfer displays Fermi surfaces with a color-plot of any quantities (superconducting gap etc.)

FermiSurfer は任意の量(超伝導ギャップなど)をFermi面上にカラープロットするプログラムです。



  • Function for smoozing the Fermi surface by using the interpolation.
  • Function for plot 2D Fermi surface (line) on an arbitrary section of the Brillouin zone.


  • A piece of the nodal line was not displayed.


  • 補間によってFermi面を滑らかにする機能
  • Brillouin領域の任意の断面でのFermi面(線)を表示する機能


  • ノーダルラインが一部表示されないバグを修正