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2024-06-16 18:09
When I want to activate and to close on a unit in a city, it does not work. It close the city but do not activate the...
2024-06-15 22:39
In my ruleset, I have a NoUpgrade flag that controls the Upgrade action, so that some units can be obsoleted (to decl...
2024-06-15 19:51
Related to: . This ticket is similar to above, but addressed to implem...
2024-06-14 19:04
Just a logical development of #45666. May be used in scenarios (at first, by manual editing player entries). The next...
2024-06-02 01:47
I have released a new version of my civ2civ3_earth modpack for 3.1 (v2024_05). Could you please make it available wit...

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2022-02-25 02:49

Strong project with a lot of history.

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