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Define processes for osdn tickets

Open Date: 2021-01-04 07:17 Last Update: 2023-03-12 01:44

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OSDN ticket system has its limitations compared to what we had in hrm (or in gna before that). Figure out processes to work with these limitations.

1) There seems to be no good tools for defining ticket relations with each other 2) There's no ticket status suitable for marking patch/fix to be in "Review Period"

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2021-01-04 07:17 Updated by: cazfi
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2022-04-30 06:09 Updated by: alain_bkr

why not go all in github , which may not be perfect but is far better than osdn, and directly linked to code, and other branches like freeciv-web ?

Or add a redmine instance on the same server as freeciv-web ?

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2022-05-03 04:43 Updated by: cazfi
2022-05-03 21:45 Updated by: alain_bkr

I love redmine, but as of today 2022 , in github you have 4 ways to sorts things, this seems to be enough

  • issues
  • milestones
  • labels
  • projects

A quick look at wesnoth (which is similar complexity to freeciv, maybe a bit bigger, more bugs, mores branches, more developers)


In the redmine link you care about Review period

I think you cannot get much more than 1 guy tested it, and it is in one branch, alpha, beta ...

Using github forks can be very useful, and much simpler and efficient than attached patched like in the 90's

Freeciv is not a compiler, maybe we could relax , and simplify the workflow, to make it easier and faster for everyone, including newcomers.

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2023-03-12 01:25 Updated by: alain_bkr

OSDN really sucks

  • osdn is abandonned, no more evolution nor bug fixes
  • osdn search is non-existent , it does not find "freeciv", one must use googl search with and advance query to find tickets
  • osdn UI is so inefficient

Gitlab has the huge advantage to link tickets and commits, and avoid to go to an unrelated site all is integrated.

  • you can create TAGS to sort issues
  • faster develpment, automagic close of tickets (like redmine) simply by the commit message , no need to create a patch , name it correctly, attach it, and merge it, this is all waste of time and effort
  • very simple for a newcomer to see en issue and the corresponding patch or branch merge (unlike osdn with split tickets)

If github was so bad compared to osdn, all projects would be here (on osdn), and many projects find it good enough, for sure it is better than osdn

Another solution could be GitLab , or create a redmine instance on the freeciv-web server, but please, get a decent bug tracker. :-)

2023-03-12 01:44 Updated by: cazfi

Reply To alain_bkr

Another solution could be GitLab , or create a redmine instance on the freeciv-web server, but please, get a decent bug tracker. :-)

As gitlab has already introduced some limitations to open source projects (limited free CI runtime - understandable limitation, but we regularly use ten times what they would provide per month), I wouldn't invest there.

Likely solution is RT on freeciv.org (back to where we started). As for schedule - hopefully this year.

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