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Alex Taylor alex****@altsa*****
2018年 4月 6日 (金) 12:25:10 JST

Ishikawa-san, thank you for your reply.

On 2018-04-05 8:05 AM, ishikawa wrote:
> Dear Alex,
> It is very encouraging to know that someone is hacking FreeWnn by building a
> client for it today (!).

I hope I can succeed. :)

> As a sample of client, have you looked at the source code of kinput2-wnn ?
> kinput2 is a frontend used for input under X Windows.
> I input Japanese characters to mozilla firefox and thunderbird using this
> frontend, kinput2-wnn-V3.1.

Interesting!  I have just looked at the code and it does look more 
straightfoward than uum.

> However, kinput2-wnn does take an argument to an environment setting using
> its option -wnnenvrc4 as follows:
> (FreeWnn is basically Wnn4 and thus -wnnenvrc4. Commercial omron Wnn has
> progressed much and there v6, v7, v8, etc.

jl_open does take an optional wnnenvrc file as a parameter as well, 
which I tried.  But I didn't try explicitly using jl_set_env_wnnrc after 
connecting.  I will take a close look at how kinput2 does that.

> I think reading kinput2-wnn file might be a better resource than reading umm
> source file since at least kinput2-wnn has been in wide use until about a
> dozen years ago and there are still some diehard users like me.

Indeed, you are probably right.

> Welcome to freewnn and its clients, Alex.

Thank you. :)

> At the same time, I am curious why you want to build a new client rather
> than using existing clients such as kinput2-wnn.  You are going to use this
> for Japanese input, correct?

I'm trying to create a client for OS/2.  This platform doesn't use X11 
so I assume porting kinput2 would be difficult...

Thank you for your help.

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