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ishikawa ishik****@yk*****
2018年 4月 6日 (金) 19:46:17 JST

Dear Alex,

Good luck (!)

>> At the same time, I am curious why you want to build a new client rather
>> than using existing clients such as kinput2-wnn.  You are going to use this
>> for Japanese input, correct?
> I'm trying to create a client for OS/2.  This platform doesn't use X11 
> so I assume porting kinput2 would be difficult...
How interesting. Before I switched to linux (Debian distribution) on then
main PC, I used OS/2 for 4-5 years (I started to use it before the release
of Win98).

It is true that converting kinput2 for OS/2 may be difficult (but maybe with
clever usage of macros?). I remember there was a POSIX-like environment that
runs on top of OS/2 that was offered by a few daemons and a linked library.
I  think there was even a port of X11 server. I am not sure if it is still
available, though. (Well, I was not even sure of the availability of OS/2,
but found a reference to  ArcaOS 5.0 Blue Lion.)
I am afraid that I threw away all the print copies and CDROMs of OS/2
magazine (in Japanese) a few years ago. So I can't even figure out what the
software was called. But there was a guide about porting X11 applications to
this environment. I remember writing my own implementation of getenv() so
that I could port a program from Linux to OS/2. getenv() was missing
although fork/spawn was somehow supported (I think by means of a clever
macro, etc.)
Sorry that I could not help on this aspect of porting.

I hope kinput2 source code gives you better samples of using Wnn library

Again, good luck!


> Thank you for your help.
> Regards,
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