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ishikawa ishik****@yk*****
2018年 4月 10日 (火) 15:10:16 JST

(Sorry I sent an e-mail with the same content from an e-mail address NOT
registered in the mailing list.
Please ignore THAT message and drop it from distribution.
すみません、誤って mailing list

Hi, Alex.

It is great to hear that you can pass the initial hurdle.

As for "convert large clause" and "convert small clause", I was not even aware
there were such phrases. Maybe someone in the know can help you.

I will investigate the comments surrounding the jl_tan_conv() function in
the mean time to learn the difference if possible.

OK, I found out: Actually, there are somewhat outdated glossary (in Japanese) at
[1]    http://www.tomo.gr.jp/wnn/wnn-yogo.html

Outdated since it does not seem to mention Wnn7, or Wnn8 (commercial versions),
but I take that large clause is a series of small clauses.

Small clause consists of "independent word" and "auxiliary word" (my
translation: there may be official English terminology).

See a description of Wnn6 server dictionary (in Japanese)

[2]  http://www.seinan-gu.ac.jp/~yositake/private/Wnn6-doc/man04.html

Also, the Japanese paragraph about big and small clauses from

大文節と小文節 (large clause and small clause, that is)



「第一回」 (large clause) .... series of 「第」「一」「回」 (each is small

「吉田さん」(large clause) ... series of 「吉田」「さん」(each is small clause)

「第」is a prefix, 「回」and 「さん」are suffix (suffices?).


On 2018年04月08日 11:36, Alex Taylor wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Apr 2018 19:46:17 +0900 ishikawa wrote:
>>> I'm trying to create a client for OS/2.  This platform doesn't use
>>> X11 so I assume porting kinput2 would be difficult...
>> How interesting.  Before I switched to linux (Debian distribution)
>> on then main PC, I used OS/2 for 4-5 years (I started to use it
>> before the release of Win98).
>> It is true that converting kinput2 for OS/2 may be difficult (but
>> maybe with clever usage of macros?).  I remember there was a
>> POSIX-like environment that runs on top of OS/2 that was offered by
>> a few daemons and a linked library.  I  think there was even a port
>> of X11 server.  I am not sure if it is still available, though.
>> (Well, I was not even sure of the availability of OS/2, but found a
>> reference to  ArcaOS 5.0 Blue Lion.)  I am afraid that I threw away
>> all the print copies and CDROMs of OS/2 magazine (in Japanese) a few
>> years ago.  So I can't even figure out what the software was called.
>> But there was a guide about porting X11 applications to this
>> environment.  I remember writing my own implementation of getenv()
>> so that I could port a program from Linux to OS/2.  getenv() was
>> missing although fork/spawn was somehow supported (I think by means
>> of a clever macro, etc.)  Sorry that I could not help on this aspect
>> of porting.
>> I hope kinput2 source code gives you better samples of using Wnn
>> library functions.
> Yes, the following (based on simplified logic from kinput2) seems to work 
> to connect and setup the environment+dictionaries:
>     /* Connect to the server.
>      */
>     bdata = jl_open_lang(user, server, NULL, NULL, hnd_err, hnd_msg, 0);
>     if ((bdata == NULL) || (jl_isconnect(bdata) == 0)) {
>         printf("Failed to establish session with server %s.\n", server);
>         return 1;
>     }
>     if (jl_fuzokugo_get(bdata, fzk) == -1) {
>         /* Environment isn't active on server, so initialize it now.
>          */
>         wnnenv = jl_env_get(bdata);
>         jl_set_env_wnnrc(wnnenv, "wnnenvrc", WNN_CREATE, NULL);
>     }
> Now I can play around with conversion.  Thanks again for the tip!
> By the way, I'm having trouble understanding the difference between 
> "convert large clause" and "convert small clause" (for example in the 
> description of jl_tan_conv).  Is there a glossary somewhere that can 
> explain these terms?
> Thanks,

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