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Amaya is a complete Web browsing and authoring environment, and comes equipped with a WYSIWYG style interface. It lets users both browse and author valid Web pages, with standards including (X)HTML, native MathML, and SVG documents. It also includes a collaborative annotation application (RDF).
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2006-10-26 12:01

Major improvements, including to CSS, XHTML, and XML support. Major bugfixes and code cleanups.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2003-11-13 21:03

A new selection. The CSS debug command "Show applied style" shows CSS rules applied to the current selected element. Generation of backup files, separate control of loaded objects and loaded images, detection of a unchanged document after undo, coloration of the structure view and the source view, and new HTML transformations.
Tags: Minor feature enhancements

2003-07-11 17:58

This release adds minor bugfixes in the (X)HTML, MathML, SVG, CSS,
Tables, UI, and Bookmarks portions of Amaya, and new features in the
CSS, UI, and Bookmarks portions.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2003-04-23 20:34

This release adds SVG animation in the OpenGL version (tgz), CSS float
support, and lots of bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2003-02-04 12:47

Bugfixes were made to user interface and XHTML, CSS, SVG, and MathML support. XHTML object support was improved, and more operators are recognized as large operators or stretchy fences in MathML Elements semantics. Annotation and annotation-xml are now supported, as are their attributes. The 'auto' value can now be used in CSS, and the XML editor supports the "return" key.
Tags: Major bugfixes

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