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mg.applanix is a multi-featured, configurable, Web- and MySQL-based application for management of small and medium-sized accommodation establishments, such as hotels, campsites, hostels, and motels. mg.applanix features an occupancy table for all managed rental objects, a detailed customer information and booking file, a tiny organizer, and customizable printing of bills, address labels, etc. It also provides user-based session management. Users are members of predefined groups which provide a simple access restriction mechanism. Localizations for several languages are available.
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2012-08-30 23:47

This release includes several additional but small features, fixes for bugs and compatibility issues, and some code cleanup. No automated migration from 1.3.x databases is available. The MS Access support is cancelled and, except for English and German, the language translations are a little obsolete.
Tags: Alpha

2004-09-22 12:30

In this version, a couple of bugs were fixed. The database
has been enhanced by a number of useful fields (e.g. Instant
Messenger ID, and meals per booking).
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2004-04-16 20:00

This release delivers a somewhat stable and secure application that is much more user-friendly than the 1.2.x branch.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2004-03-27 17:56

The major difference between this release and all its ancestors is
that it does not need the PHP module DBX (responsible for database
abstraction) anymore. 1.3b has also been tested in detail with Apache
1.3.24/PHP 4.1.2/MySQL 3.23.49 under GNU/Debian Linux (Woody). This
beta release contains a large number of bugfixes concerning application
security for use in the World Wide Web.
Tags: Major security fixes

2004-03-19 16:45

This release adds a significant increase of the security level, an
easier installation and configuration routine, management of rental
objects, and support for a season-based tabular view of the occupied
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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