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AQEMU is GUI for QEMU and KVM emulators. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to set up the majority of QEMU and KVM options.

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2011-07-27 20:23

QEMU/KVM 0.14 support was added. Bugs were fixed.

2010-07-12 17:41

Finding available emulator options and devices is supported. The build system was changed to CMake. The Ports Tab GUI was improved. The USB system was improved with support for reading data from /sys, /dev, and /proc. Connecting QEMU virtual USB devices (mouse, tablet, wacom-tablet, keyboard, braille) is supported. The GUI icon theme and the size of VM icons can be changed. Boot order list, setting of SMP settings, and removal of a VM with all files (like HDD images) are supported. Support was added for the following sound systems: PulseAudio, ESD, and SDL. The possibility to set advanced storage device settings was added.

2009-09-29 05:58

This release adds a New Network Settings GUI. It adds the devices /dev/srX in the CD/DVD list. It supports adding user devices in the CD/DVD list. It has a "Format" button on the HDD tab. It supports Resize Machines List Width. The AQEMU window saves its position on the desktop. There is improved support for new versions of QEMU and KVM. The "Create Shell Script" command has been added. VM templates have been updated. There are other small Improvements and bugfixes.

2009-06-18 15:01

Improved support for KVM, support for simultaneous use of multiple versions of emulators, a First Start wizard, a changed settings window, improved support for "additional arguments", support for including the Emulator Control in the main window, support for the QEMU display in the main window, and improved handling of QEMU errors. There were also many small improvements and bugfixes.

2009-03-31 23:56

Support for QEMU 0.10.0 and KVM 8X was added. New options include "No Shutdown", "Curces", "Show Cursor", "RTC TD Hack", "KVM Nesting", "Disable KVM kernel mode PIT interrupt reinjection", and "No Use Embedded VNC Display". Minor interface rebuilding was done. A fix was made in network redirections. The IP Address regexp was fixed. A major bug was fixed. The embedded VNC display function is currently in development, so there may be errors.

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