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Flash Operator Panel displays information about your Asterisk PBX activity in real time via a standard Web browser with the Flash plugin. The display and button layout is configurable, so you can have more than 100 buttons on the screen at once. It also supports contexts: you can have one server running and many different client displays (for hosted PBX, different departments, etc). It can monitor several asterisk servers at once. It can integrate with CRM software, by popping up a Web page (and passing the CLID) when a specified button is ringing. It also can be used to enable click-to-dial for Web-based applications.
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2009-07-06 13:53

This release adds compatibility with Asterisk 1.6. It works with the latest flash player. It includes some new features: spy channels and passing variables to popups. There are several bugfixes.

2006-05-10 09:19

This release includes a DHTML client where all the
presentation is done using DHTML/CSS and
JavaScript, while the communication is handled by
an invisible Flash movie. It also has some nifty
features, like individual background images for
each button, transferring directly to voicemail
(dragging over the MWI icon), caller ID privacy
per button, enabling includes in op_style.cfg,
improved agent status that now shows paused
agents, and lots of bugfixes.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2006-03-13 22:20

This release has new button types and several new features, together with many bugfixes. The online documentation was updated. There are buttons for queue users, buttons for meetme participants, and new style tweaking that lets you have more than 600 buttons on one screen (only for monitoring purposes). Hyperlink features have been added to legends and buttons. Font issues in the flash client have been fixed. The listen address and port are now configurable. You can drag and drop channels into queues. Support for astmanproxy has been added.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

2005-09-18 16:03

The security code input bug was fixed. A Swedish
translation was added. The speed of regexp button
matching was improved.
Tags: Minor bugfixes

2005-09-10 10:27

This release adds internationalization support. Command line parameters are now accepted. It is now easy to specify a custom logdir, PID file, and debug level. The web_hostname setting is now optional, which means that is much easier to get it working and it overcomes the internal/external view problem that many people were having.
Tags: Major feature enhancements

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