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The ax25-tools package contains the tools that you need to get going with AX.25 for Linux. AX.25 is a network protocol that is used by hamradio operators across packet radio wireless links. This package contains the network tools to configure hamradio interfaces and some of the hamradio specific network daemons. In addition to programs that understand AX.25, they also work with ROSE and Net/ROM hamradio protocols.
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2001-05-16 20:17

kissattach now tells you where it thinks the config file is. rip98r metric patch applied. Fix for FTLK_LIB for This release works better with newer GCCs. sockaddr/osockaddr problem in ttylink fixed. bcopy and bzero changed to memcpy and memset. netromd was printing raw callsigns, it now uses ax25_ntoa().
Tags: Major bugfixes

2001-01-30 15:12

A new fltk smdiag and friends, and replacement of the old non-X-based ones, changing of all references of rip98.conf to rip98d.conf, and a patch for nrparms and user_call.

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