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BitchX is the premiere IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
client. It originally was a modified version of
the popular ircII client, and the features were
eventually merged into the EPIC IRC client. The
current development is aimed at merging the client
back to a current branch of EPIC and bringing
compatibility and stability back to the client,
while bringing the features that are BitchX into a
new client.

System Requirements

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2004-05-20 21:36

The new version contains many bugfixes and the security patches for 1.0c19.
Tags: Major bugfixes

2002-04-09 23:46

Various minor bugs and at least one possible buffer overrun condition were adressed and fixed.
Tags: Minor security fixes

2001-01-30 15:12

Bugfixes, plus addition of a monitoring counter that reports usage
to the BitchX website.

2001-01-30 15:12

2001-01-30 15:12

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